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Import SQL (Hy11)

Last Updated:  4/16/12 7:11:41 PM 8373-8193-7065

The Import SQL option allows you to take a complete SQL statement from a text file, import it into an existing file and retrieve the data set from the database server. Use this feature to take advantage of SQL statements you have already written.

Before importing SQL files, make sure that the following conditions are true:

  • the SQL file to import begins with a SELECT statement.
  • the Query section of your report is active.
  • the connection to the database is active.
  • the Content pane does not contain any tables.

You will also need to know the number of columns to display in the Results section.

After importing the SQL file into the Query section:

  • you cannot edit it.
  • you cannot drag items from the table to the Request line.
  • you cannot use the custom SQL feature.

The steps to import SQL are:

  1. Open your file and click on Query in the Sections pane.

  2. From the main menu, click on File>Import Data>SQL... .

  3. Navigate to and select the text file containing the SQL to import.

  4. At the Import SQL Columns window, confirm the number of columns to display and click on OK.

  5. Access the item's properties by first selecting the item and then selecting View>Properties... from the main menu.

  6. By accessing the item's properties, you can rename the column and change its data type (if necessary).

  7. After the items have been added to the Request line, click on Process to run query.




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