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Local Filters (Hy11)

Last Updated:  1/17/13 7:35:43 PM 8373-8193-7058

Filtering in the Results and Table sections provides the flexibility to add, modify, and remove custom filters without the need to reprocess the report.

To add a local filter*:

(*watch a video demonstrating these steps)

  1. Open the DirectoryServices.bqy report located in the University Wide>Training folder.
  2. After processing the report, click on Results from the Sections pane.

  3. From the Elements window, locate the desired field from the displayed results to filter and drag it to the Filter Line. Note: If the Filter Line is not visible, click on the Filter (X) link.

  4. You can select Show Values to display available filter values in the current results set.

  5. Select the desired value and click on OK.

  6. Notice that the number of rows in the Status bar indicates a subset of the data is only displayed (such as "314 of 465").

  7. To remove the local filter, delete the applicable field from the Filter Line.




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