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Open and Process a Prebuilt Report (Hy11)

Last Updated:  8/3/12 11:35:36 PM 8373-8193-7055

Prebuilt reports available in the subject folders are written by developers and subject matter experts and can be easily and quickly run to retrieve data*.

*(watch a video demonstrating these steps)

The steps are run a prebuilt report are:

  1. Find a report
  2. Open the report
  3. Read the Information section
  4. Review the components of the query section to see what it was requested and how it is filtered.
  5. Process the report


Step 1
Prebuilt reports are available in the content-specific folders in My Reports. Double click on the folders and then double click on the report itself to open it. In this example, the prebuilt report is located in the University Wide>Training folder and is named "DirectoryServices.bqy”.

Step 2
Double click on the file with a .bqy extension. The report will open in a new window. Most reports will have at least 3 sections: Information, Query and Results.

Step 3
When looking at a report for the first time, always take a look at the Information section. The person who developed the query will have hopefully written information about how the report works.

Step 4
The next section within a prebuilt report is the Query section. Click on the Query section to view it.

Step 5
To retrieve records from the report, click on the Process button.

If the items on the Filter row are set to “variable”, a filter box will appear. Enter your value in the in the entry box, click on the green check mark and then click on “OK”. Note that if you only have one value, you can type it in, and press Enter on the keyboard - which will do the same thing as using the checkmark and OK buttons.

When the report has successfully completed processing, the results retrieved are displayed in the Results sections pane based on the criteria that were entered.

The report can either be saved into your personal user folder (by selecting on File>Save to Repository As…) or closed without saving.

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