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Login to My Reports

Last Updated:  11/12/13 5:01:36 PM 8373-8193-7050

To log in to My Reports*:

*(watch a video demonstrating these steps)

  1. If accessing Hy11 directly using Internet Explorer 8, connect to using the appropriate supported browser.

    If not using Internet Explorer 8, access through My Apps ( Enter Hyperion in the "Search for Software" box and click on the Search button to locate the appropriate Hyperion software.

    Note: Check the support matrix for compatibility and installation instructions.
  2. Enter your ASURITE user id and password.

  3. If logging into Hyperion 11 for the first time, you will see the defaulted home page. Click on Explore to change to the Explore workspace.

    Note: To permanently change your default start up option, use the instructions here to change the default start up option to Explore.
  4. The Explore workspace opens to a screen with two frames showing a folder structure in the left frame for navigation and the contents of the current folder in the right frame. The folders visible are dependent on your granted access.


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