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My Reports Upgrade Frequently Asked Question (Hy11)

Last Updated:  7/25/12 3:43:47 PM 8373-8193-7025

Looking for the upgrade information page?
The upgrade information page can be found at http:/

What exactly is being upgraded?
My Reports is upgrading Hyperion from version to version

When will the upgrade take place?
We will release the new Hyperion 11 environment on March 13, 2012.

When will Hyperion 9 be decommissioned?
Hyperion 9 will be not available after July 9, 2012.

Will I need to request access to My Reports using Hyperion 11?
Yes. All My Reports users (both previous and new) will need to request access for each applicable content area. The forms to request access will become available on March 13th. Review the Request Access article here When submitting your request, please provide specific information how the data will be used as the data trustee may require specifics such as job function or reporting needs.

After I receive access, will my login be the same?
Yes. Users will continue to authenticate using ASU's Single Sign-On.

Will I continue to have access to my personal content in Hyperion 9?
Yes. Hyperion 9 will still be available until it has been decommissioned.

Will I need to recreate my content that I have saved in Hyperion 9?
No. Content from your personal user folder will need to be manually moved/imported into Hyperion 11. For users with several personalized reports, it would be best to determine which ones would be the most beneficial to be moved. The upgrade also provides a good opportunity to streamline and consolidate as well as ensure you have the most current version of a published report. Instructions on how to move personal content can be found at here.

Will my personal content from Hyperion 9 automatically be moved to Hyperion 11?
Unfortunately, no. Content from your personal user folder will need to be manually moved/imported into Hyperion 11. Instructions on how to move content can be found at here.

Where do I log into Hyperion 11?
Hyperion 11 will be available through Hyperion 9 will still be available through which will not be available after July 9, 2012.

What are the benefits of Hyperion 11 upgrade?
The Hyperion 11 upgrade will provide a variety of benefits with the two foremost being able to run more than one query at at time and full compatibility with Internet Explorer 8. A list of the other benefits can be found at: here.

Which browsers can be used to access Hyperion 11?
The browser support matrix can be used to verify which browsers will be supported: here.

Will I need to install a new Hyperion plugin?
Yes. An additional Hyperion plugin for Internet Explorer 8 will need to be installed for use with the Interactive format. Information on how to set up Internet Explorer 8 can be found here.

Will the new plugin work with the old plugin? Can I uninstall the old plugin?
Both plugins can be used at the same time. However, if you plan on using the Interactive format in both Hy9 and Hy11, you will need to install the Hy9 plugin before installing the Hyperion 11 plugin. There is no need to uninstall the old plugin as they function independently.

Will I need to be retrained on Hyperion 11?
No. The interface is very similar to the old version with only minor changes on a few processes. However, two updated workshops are available: "My Reports (Hy11): Getting Connected" and "My Reports (Hy11): Using Prebuilt Reports". "Getting Connected" is self-paced and is available for self-enrollment in Blackboard through "Using Prebuilt Reports" is an instructor-led workshop and is available for enrollment through Open Office Hours will still be available where users can work with and ask questions about Hyperion 11 or any other My Reports topics.

Where will new reports and revisions to existing reports be published during the transition?
New reports will only be made available in Hyperion 11. Revisions to existing reports will also only be made in Hyperion 11 after they have been moved. As content is moved, the report will be renamed with a "zzz" prefix in Hyperion 9. For example, once the "Class Roster - Faculty Center" report has been moved into Hyperion 11, it will be renamed "zzzClass Roster - Faculty Center" in Hyperion 9. As a result, keep in mind that after the report has been renamed, no further updates will be made to it in Hyperion 9.

My favorite prebuilt report in Hyperion 9 is missing. What happened to it?
Reports that have been moved from Hyperion 9 to Hyperion 11 now start with a "zzz" prefix and, as a result, of the automatic sorting will be visible at the bottom of the folder.

How does the upgrade affect the data that I retrieve from the Data Warehouse?
This upgrade will not affect the data. The data warehouse is not part of the upgrade. If you processed the same report in using Brio 6 or Hyperion 9, you would retrieve the same results.

Can I use Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox to access Hyperion 11 directly?
Unfortunately, not at this time. This version of the software is only certified for Internet Explorer 8. However, we will make the environment available through My Apps for users who have upgraded to Internet Explorer 9, those using Firefox or those using Macs. We hope to provide another update in the near future that provides compatibility with Internet Explorer 9 and possibly Firefox.

What will happen within My Apps?
The Hyperion 11 environment is now available through My Apps. The Hyperion 9 environment will continue to be available in My Apps until Hyperion 9 is decommissioned. Information on how to access via My Apps can be found here.

What if someone new needs access to reports on Hyperion 9?
New users who also need access to Hyperion 9 after March 13th will need to send an e-mail request to

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