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What's New in Hyperion 11

Last Updated:  7/25/12 3:44:02 PM 8373-8193-7024

What's New in Hyperion 11:

  • Fully compatible with Internet Explorer 8, with the following functions now operational:
    • Importing of external query (*.bqy) files
    • Opening or running reports n the HTML format
    • Opening of posted job output results
    • Opening of external documents (such as Excel, PDFs, Word Docs, etc.)
  • Cleaner, brighter interface
  • Ability to run two queries at once
  • Can import .xml files into documents
  • Alternate "High Contrast" theme available
  • Enhanced support for ansi sql (including the inner join syntax)
  • New heading "Elements" for the table catalog listing
  • "Conditional Formatting" (previous called "Spotlighter") clearer and straightforward
  • Improved search services (ability to search by table name)
  • Copy and paste functionality
  • New functions available
    • Trigonometric (available in the Query section)
    • Picture functions (available in the Results and Pivot sections)
  • The "Logoff" and "Exit" functions work!!!


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