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Load Values from File (Hy11)

Last Updated:  1/17/13 8:44:42 PM 8373-8193-6947

The Load from File option is used to populate the list of filter options with a user-defined list of values obtained from a properly formatted text file*. This options mitigates the need for manual entry of filters especially when using a large data set. These instructions are viable for a list up to 1,000 values. Note: For more than 1,000 values, a couple of other options are available.

In this example, the query will filter for the affiliate ids placed within a text file.

To load values from a file*:

(*watch a video demonstrating these steps)

  1. Open the DirectoryServices.bqy report located in the University Wide>Training folder.
  2. Click on Query from the Sections pane.
  3. Locate the Person Id field from the table in the workspace and drag it into the Filter Line.
    Note: If the Filter Line is not visible, click on the Filter (X) link.

  4. Click on Advanced button in the bottom right hand corner.

  5. Select Load From File.

  6. Navigate to the source text file containing the values.Select the text file and then click on Open.

  7. Back at the Filter box, click on the Show Values button to display the file contents.

  8. Click on Select All to ensure all values will be used as a filter value.

  9. Click on OK to close Filter box.

  10. Right click on the Person Id field that was added to the Filter Line and select Variable Filter.

  11. Process the query.



To ensure the text file is properly formatted, follow these steps:

  • Select and copy the values from your Excel file.
  • Open a text editor application such as Notepad.
  • Paste the copied values into a blank text file.
  • Be sure to clear out any additional formatting and any column heading.
  • Make sure there are no spaces before or after the last value.


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