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Import an Excel file (Hy11)

Last Updated:  3/11/12 10:05:21 AM 8373-8193-6946

Files (such as Excel(.xls), comma-separated values (.csv) and text (.txt) can be imported and subsequently used as a table. This example demonstrates on how to import an Excel file.

To import an Excel file:

  1. Open the DirectoryServices.bqy report located in the University Wide>Training folder.
  2. From the main menu, select File> Import Data> From File... .

  3. Navigate to and select the file to import.

  4. Select the worksheet containing the information and then click on Load.

  5. The imported file will appear in the Sections pane and the workspace will show the file's data.

  6. From the Query section, right click in the Elements window and select Local Results to access the
    imported file. The imported file will appear as a table under Local Results.

  7. Drag the imported file into the query workspace. Create a join on the Person Id field between the two tables.
  8. The datatype error message below may appear when joining the tables on the Person Id field.

  9. One approach to resolve this error is to create a computed item with the definition of ToChar(Person_Id,"0").
    Change the column name from Computed to PersonId_fixed.

  10. Create a join between the newly created PersonId_fixed field to the Person Id field in the Ps_Asu_Direct_Srvc table. Add any desired fields from the Excel file into the Request Line.

  11. After processing the query, the Results section will also contain related fields from the imported Excel file.



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