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Add Item to the Filter Line (Hy11)

Last Updated:  1/17/13 7:30:38 PM 8373-8193-6942

Sometimes you may filter the report to further restrict the results being retrieved. This can be accomplished by applying a Filter.

To add an item to the Filter Line*:

(*watch video demonstrating these steps)

  1. Open the DirectoryServices.bqy located in the University Wide>Training folder.
  2. Click on Query from the Sections window.
  3. Locate the desired field from the appropriate table already existing in the workspace.

  4. Select the located field and drag it to the Filter Line.
    For certain fields, you can select Show Values to display available filter values.

  5. Select the desired value and click on OK.

  6. Now locate the field just added on the Filter Line. Right click on it and select Variable Filter.

  7. Notice that the field now has a V(X) suffix. The V(X) suffix denotes variable filters.
    Variable filters will prompt you to enter or select limit values each time the report is processed..

  8. When you process the report, you will be also now be prompted for the new filter and the retrieved results will reflect the new criteria.




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