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Save a Prebuilt report to your user folder (Hy11)

Last Updated:  1/22/13 6:19:04 PM 8373-8193-6938

If make modifications to a prebuilt report, you should consider saving the report to your user folder.

To save a report to your personal user folder*:

(*watch a video demonstrating these steps)

  1. After the desired prebuilt report opens, click File>Save to Repository As....

  2. Navigate to your user folder by clicking on the drop down control of the “Look in” field.

  3. Select the Root folder, then the Users folder and then the first initial of your last name to locate your user folder.

  4. Make sure your name appears in the “Look in:” field and then click on Save.

  5. Once the report is saved, close the browser window displaying the query. This should take you back to the main Explorer workspace.
  6. Once back at the Explorer workspace, navigate to your user folder and double click on the report to open it.



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