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ASU Email for Students

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What's the difference between Gmail and my ASU student Gmail?
How do I set up Gmail for ASU?
How do I access my Gmail for ASU?
How do I forward my Gmail for ASU to another email address?
Not sure what your ASU email address is?
Student Email Setup Video

ASU email for students is provided through Gmail which is important since it is a university policy that the ASU email account will be the official channel of email communication. An ASU Gmail account is different from other Gmail accounts. To login to your ASU Gmail account you will need to access MyASU and use your ASU login and password. Additionally you will have special access to additional Google tools for ASU such as MyApps and MyFiles.

What’s the difference between Gmail and my ASU student Gmail?

ASU’s official mailboxes for students are powered by Google Apps.  This means that your ASU student mailbox will look and act like Gmail, but there are a few important differences:

    1.    Your ASU student mailbox will not show advertisements.
    2.    Your ASU student mailbox will have a 25 Gigabyte usage quota.
    3.    You can log into your student mailbox using your ASURITE user ID. 

Everyone at ASU has two email addresses: and  Both of these email addresses will deliver mail to the location you chose above, so they can be used interchangeably. 

Your ASU email address is considered directory information and will appear in ASU’s electronic directories.  If you’d like to have your directory information hidden from the directory, please submit this Withhold Directory Information Request form to the ASU Registrar.


How do I set up Gmail for ASU?

Your ASU Gmail account is created when you activate your ASURITE user ID. ASU allows students to choose where they want to have their email delivered.  You can choose to have your email delivered to an external email service, like Hotmail or Yahoo, or you can have your email delivered to your official ASU mailbox.  We recommend that you have your email delivered to your ASU mailbox so you don’t miss any important messages from your professors. To set your official email address, follow these instructions:

  1. Login to MyASU ( and click on the Profile tab.

  2. Under Account Details, click on the Update Email Addresses link.

  3. A new window titled ASU Email Setup will appear. Click the + or - buttons found under the sentence Your primary alias is: Aliases are alternate names used in other email accounts you may have. Add your name from an alternate email address such as Mail sent to any of these aliases derived from alternate email accounts will be delivered to your email. Notice that aliases are just the name, not the entire email address (first.last, asurite, etc.)

  4. In the Set your primary alias dialog box, you will either create a new email address to use as your official address, or use an existing one.  If you wish to use an existing one, select it from the box on the left and hit the Submit button.  

  5. If you wish to create a new one, click the + button and enter your desired email alias in the Add an alias dialog box and press SubmitNote: We recommend you do not delete your old alias.

Please note that if the alias is already taken, or if there is a problem with the formatting of the new address, you will receive an error message, and will need to enter another email address that is not already taken or that is formatted properly. 


How do I access my Gmail for ASU?

There are various ways to access Gmail for ASU.

  • The first way is to log-in to your MyASU and click on the Gmail Icon on the left side-bar. 

  • You can also access your ASU Gmail by simply typing in your address bar.
  • You may also visit and log-in via your ASURITE ID ( You do not have to input your password! Gmail will recognize you are using a University account and will redirect you to ASU's Log-in page. 


How do I forward my Gmail for ASU to another email address?

Log in at to direct your ASU email to another email address.  Note: Make sure to enter the correct and accurate email address. Many emails bounce back because the email address was entered as instead of or instead of 


Not sure what your ASU email address is?

If you’re not sure what your ASU email address is, follow these steps:

    1.    Log into My ASU at
    2.    Click the Profile tab.
    3.    Click Account Details.
    4.    Click Update Email Forwarding and you’ll be able to see your ASU email address.   


Email Policies

For more information about the policies governing email use at ASU, visit


Email Setup Video


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