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My Reports Folder Structure (Hy11)

Last Updated:  8/3/12 11:25:12 PM 8373-8193-6842

The Hyperion workspace opens to a screen with two frames showing a folder structure in the left frame for navigation and the contents of the current folder in the right frame. The My Reports workspace folder structure is comprised of different types of folders. Understanding the folder structure* will help you find your desired content more quickly.

*(watch a video on this)

The folders available for general use under the Root directory are:

  • Content/subject specific (such as Financial, Student, Human Resource, etc.)
  • University Wide
  • Users
  • Welcome


Subject Specific Folders
When you apply for an account, you request access to specific warehouses which determine which subject folders are available to you. Within these subject folders, a variety of prebuilt reports (provided by content developers and subject matter experts) are available for common reporting needs.

University Wide
The University Wide>Shared folder is a place for specific departments to share files with groups of users.
The University Wide>Transfer folder can be used to temporarily share reports with other users. Note: Reports placed in the University Wide>Transfer folder will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

When you get an account you are given a user folder. You can store reports and files that you are working on in your folder. Expand the Users folder and look in the folder with the first letter of your last name to locate your user folder.

The Welcome folder can hold reference and training (or links to) documentation that can help you better utilize the My Reports environment.


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