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Browser Support for My Reports

Last Updated:  8/21/11 3:14:00 AM 8373-8193-6754


This matrix will help you verify which browser is supported by our current Hyperion software (v9.2) used in My Reports. Checkmarks indicate full functionality without limitations while *'s indicate the browser can be utilized but is not fully supported.

support_matrix (34K)

* Internet Explorer (IE) 8 and Firefox (FF) 3 are not officially supported by the software vendor with our current version of the Hyperion (9.2). However, some users are accessing My Reports using IE8 and Firefox 3.5.x but certain functions and processes are not operational.

Some of the problems that exist with using IE8 and Firefox 3.x directly:

  • Importing of external query (*.bqy) files
  • Opening or running of query (*.bqy) in the HTML format
  • Opening of posted job output results
  • Opening of any external document (such as Excel, PDFs, Word Docs, etc.)
Once funds and resources are available, there are plans to upgrade our Hyperion software to 11.1.x which should be compatible with IE8 and Firefox 3.x.

Interactive with Hyperion plug-in

The Interactive format in My Reports requires the use of a web client plug-in. Instructions for installing the plug-in are available in the ASU Help Center.

My Apps

Users who have browsers and platforms on computers which are unsupported by the current version of Hyperion can access My Reports from My Apps. This option will safely allow a user to run My Reports in a Citrix environment and works on both a Mac and a PC. Instructions for accessing My Reports from My Apps are available in the ASU Help Center.

There is no support for running the Hyperion software as a native Apple application at this time.

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