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Login to Your Blackboard (Bb)

Last Updated:  6/25/13 10:35:46 PM 8373-8193-5985

Access Blackboard via MyASU

In your list of classes this semester on MyASU, one or more of your classes may have a Blackboard shell associated with it. If you do, then the class title of your course will be a maroon link that will take you directly into your blackboard class. If you are part of Blackboard Organizations, or a T.A. for a class, or have a class that is not part of an official ASU class, then you can go to the blackboard home page by clicking on the "Blackboard" link.

Access Blackboard Directly

Step 1. Start by opening up your web browser.

Step 2. Type in the address bar: (or right-click on the previous link and open in new-tab/window) and log in with your ASURITE username and password. If you do not know or have forgotten your ASURITE UserID and password, click the Forgot ID/Password? link on the login page and go through the steps. (For more information, refer to the following article: "ASU Blackboard: Forgot your Password?")

Step 3. If you are successfully logged in to Blackboard, you should see the following tabs:

  • The Blackboard Home tab contains the main page for My ASU Courses. For instructions on how to personalize your page, show/hide courses from your My Courses list, and tour the Courses tab, visit the Blackboard Home Page help article.
  • The Courses tab contains links to your classes that have online components, even the ones you have opted to hide in the My Courses area.
  • The Organizations tab contains links to myASU meeting areas for campus organizations, groups, clubs and committees.

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