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ASURITE Activation

Last Updated:  6/18/13 2:46:34 PM 8373-8193-5022

How do I create/activate an ASURITE Account?

Go to and follow the guided steps.

What do I get with my ASURITE account?

An ASURITE account will give you access to many of ASU's Web-based services (accessible through My ASU) as well as your very own Email address.

How do I know that my ASURITE UserID has been activated?

Once you’ve activated your account online at, you will be directed to a confirmation page. It should look like this:

I cannot get past the "Activate ASURITE Account" page, or I'm seeing a message to enable my cookies. 

ASURITE activation requires that your Web browser have cookies enabled. Contact the ASU Help Desk at (855) ASU-5080 if you continue to experience problems with the activation process.

How do I edit or cancel my ASURITE account?

You may add services to your ASURITE Account by signing into ASURITE Account Management and subscribing to the desired services, or going to and requesting desired services.
The ASU Help Desk staff may be able to assist you with requesting a new UserID if the one you have is offensive in some way, or if a clerical error caused a misspelling of your name. New UserID creation is rare and should only be considered when absolutely necessary (as opposed to simply desired).  You will not be able to request a specific UserID because the UserIDs are autogenerated by the system. It can be a difficult and time-consuming process for the ASU staff as well as for the user who will experience disruptions with many of their ASURITE services.  If you are a currently enrolled student it is preferable to request an ASURITE ID change between semesters to minimize disruption of your access to course information.
The ASU Help Desk staff can disable account services that you no longer need or want (i.e. an Email box on ASU servers), but they typically do not completely disable an ASURITE account unless the owner of that account is deceased.

Does creating an ASURITE account give me an Email account?

Yes. Anyone who creates or activates an ASURITE UserID automatically gets an ASU Email account. Changes to Email forwarding can be made in your Profile tab in the Computer Accounts link which you can get to from the My ASU webpage.

Once I activate my ASURITE UserID, are there any delays before I'll be able to use ASU computing resources?

Yes. Some of the service subscriptions may not be fully functional immediately after they've been activated. Examples include (but are not limited to) both the student and employee Email services (up to half an hour). In addition to those possible delays, you may experience delays in being able to access some ASU Web pages. My ASU may not recognize your name or your classes until approximately 8 a.m. the morning after you activate your account.

What ASURITE services do I need to access an Exchange account?

The ASURITE services required in order to access an Exchange account are ASURITE_NT and MAINEX.

How can student workers get an account on the ASURITE_NT Windows Domain?

Once the student worker’s pay line is entered into the Human Resources system, the student worker can then go to and subscribe to “ASU Exchange(Outlook/Email)”.

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