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Use the Academic Status Report (ASR)

Last Updated:  3/31/14 4:30:11 PM 8373-8193-5013

An Academic Status Report (ASR) is a method of providing early, personalized feedback regarding a student’s progress in a class. The system allows faculty to identify under-performing students and communicate specific reasons and suggest corrective actions. Students are notified through MyASU and via email when an ASR is completed for them.  


Academic Status Report Resources for Students are available at:

Many more resources are available for students on the University Student Initiatives site at:


ASR General Information

Text Version of How to Use the ASR

Navigation:  My ASU > (login) > Class list > Folder Icon > ASR Roster Icon

Note: Anyone who is interested in submitting Academic Status Reports (Faculty, TAs, etc.) must have post access. If you cannot see the grade roster under class tools, you will not have access to the link for Academic Status Reports during your reporting session.  Please contact your scheduler or roster contact to have post access added to your account in PeopleSoft.


Roster Contacts

ASR General Information

Text Version of How to Use the ASR

Navigation: Main Menu > ASU Customizations > ASU Student Records > Roster Contacts > Faculty Center

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