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Accessing Gmail for ASU on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad

Last Updated:  2/10/14 5:50:33 PM 8373-8193-4994

There are a few things you should do first before beginning:

Note: The password you set at the above website is independent of your normal ASURITE password. If you change your ASURITE password in the future, your Gmail for ASU POP/Chat password will not be changed. However, you may always go to the above website to change your Gmail for ASU POP/Chat password.

  • Before following the steps below please make sure your device software is up to date. These updates may contain patches related to mailbox synchronization and can help prevent any known problems.

To start using ActiveSync with your Gmail for ASU account, simply follow these instructions:

    1. On your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, select the Settings icon.

    2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and then under Accounts select Add Account.

    3. Click on Exchange (you are selecting Microsoft Exchange verses Gmail to use Microsoft’s ActiveSync for your Gmail for ASU mail, contacts and calendars).

    4. On the next screen you will need to enter information in the Email and Password fields.
      • In the Email field, put your Gmail for ASU email address in the format 
      • In the Password field, enter your Gmail for ASU password (see above for more information)
      • In the Description field your Gmail for ASU email will automatically populate (You can change this if you like, but not necessary).
      • When you have finished entering your information, select on the Next button at the top of the screen.

    5. On the next screen you will need to enter information in the Server and Username fields.
      • In the Server field, put
      • In the Username field, put your Gmail for ASU email address in the format
      • When you have finished entering your information, select on the Next button at the top of the screen.

    6. Your device will now attempt to verify the information. You'll see Verifying at the top of the screen. Once your account is verified successfully you will briefly see check marks next to each field and then the screen will quickly change to a page where you can choose what kind of data you want to synchronize on your device. 

      • Please Note: When you turn Contacts and Calendars to On, a window will appear for each one requesting whether you wish to keep your local contacts and calendars on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Select Keep on My iPhone (or Keep on My iPod Touch) to keep either of these on your device, or Delete to completely remove them.

    7. After making your choices above, select Save.
    8. You have now setup ActiveSync on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch!

NOTE: If after following the steps above you are unable to connect your Gmail for ASU account with your email client your account may have been locked. See How to Unlock Your Google IMAP, POP, and Chat Account and follow those instructions. Once you have followed the steps to unlock your account trying connecting again.

If you need further assistance please contact the ASU Help Desk at (855) ASU-5080.

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