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Internet Security

Last Updated:  5/12/11 3:46:01 PM 8373-8193-4682

Password Security

Treat your computer password like you treat your ATM pin - keep it to yourself. And make your password something strong, something people can't guess. That means your birthday or your last name spelled backwards probably aren't the best choices. The basics of password security are as follows:

  • Never share your password with anyone
  • Don't leave a copy of your password in plain sight or under your keyboard
  • Never use short passwords - use at least 8 characters
  • Make your password complex - use a combo of letters, numbers & special characters
  • Log off computers when you're done using them
  • Setup a password protective screensaver to turn on after 15 minutes

For additional information regarding ASURITE passwords see the ASURITE Password Policy .

Visit to change your ASURITE password

Internet / Email Download Security

Opening emails that contain attachments from people you don't know can spread viruses to your computer. It's better to just delete emails from people outside your friends and family circle.

  • Never open email from someone you don't know
  • Preview unknown email if you must open the message but don't know the sender
  • Delete suspicious emails
  • Never visit websites in emails sent from someone you don't know
  • Never download information from an unknown site or a site you don't trust

Shopping Online & Personal Information

  • If you do use a public or Internet cafe to make an online transaction, clear the browser's cache and temporary directories once you are done
  • Look for the padlock at the bottom of the screen to ensure your Internet session is secure
  • If you see an outdated certificate, don’t use that site to make a transaction
  • Keep your personal information in an encrypted or restricted folder


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