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Adobe Presenter 7 Overview

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Overview of Adobe Presenter 7

Review the IMPORTANT COMPATIBILITY NOTICE below with Adobe Presenter and PowerPoint 2010.

Adobe Presenter 7 (formerly known as BreezePresenter) enables faculty and staff to create narrated, synchronized Powerpoint presentations and make these presentations available for access via the Internet. Adobe Presenter 7 allows users to create content using Powerpoint with the Adobe Presenter 7 plug-in to add synchronized audio narration. The presentation can then be exported as a compressed (zipped) presentation which can then be uploaded to courses in
Blackboard, Sakai, or any web server. You may also prepare presentations for redistribution via other digital media (CD, DVD+R, etc.) Playback of any Adobe Presenter 7 authored content requires the free Flash player from Adobe.

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Click Here for the handout provided about Adobe Presenter 7.

Request access

To request access, go to the Adobe Presenter 7 Software Request Form.

When the Adobe Presenter workshop is ready for release, this section will be updated.

We recommend that you use a USB Headset or USB Microphone to record your narration. View a sample presentation.


How to Turn Your Recorded Presentation into a Podcast

Our computer savvy students are always looking for ways to be more efficient. Portable MP3 players and pod casts give students the ability to listen to lectures on the city bus, while commuting on their bicycles, or performing community service. We imagine you spend a lot of time preparing and recording your Adobe Presenter (Breeze) lectures. You most likely do not want to do another recording so that you can post a similar pod cast of the lecture. This brief video will teach you how to take the recording files created by Breeze and create a single MP3 file that can be posted as a podcast using iTunes University or the Horizon Wimba Voice Tools. Here is what you will need to get started:

  1. A narrated Adobe Presenter (Breeze) presentation and a computer running Windows.
  2. This file (download it and save it to a new folder called "podcast" on your desktop).

Questions? Email 

Other (free) software that performs a similar function

authorPOINT Lite (free) It is an easy to use presentation creation tool that works as a toolbar inside Microsoft PowerPoint and helps you create rich multimedia SCORM compliant content for sharing across platforms. Powerbullet Presenter is a small, simple and free program for creating presentations in the Flash™ format. You don't need any experience to create slick animated presentations by simply typing, clicking and dragging. Powerbullet Presenter is specifically designed for creating multi-page presentations that are commonly used in electronic sales brochures and catalogues, splash screens, slideshows and student projects. You can also create a self-running show, specifying delays on each page, or you can link the timing to the sound attached to each page. I downloaded the software and in about 30 minutes figured out the basics and put up this sample presentation using PowerBullet. 

Important Compatibility Notice

Does Adobe Presenter 7 work with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?

Adobe Presenter 7.07 works with PowerPoint 2010 32 bit version but does not currently support PowerPoint 2010 64 bit version.  If the user has a 64 bit Operating system such as Windows 7 64 bit, Adobe Presenter 7.07 will work as long as they have the 32 bit version of Microsoft Office installed.

During the Adobe Presenter 7 software installation process, Presenter checks for the presence of a compatible version of Microsoft PowerPoint and will not install if a compatible version is not found.  If it does not detect the 32 bit version of PowerPoint 2003,2007, or 2010, then the installation will fail.



For Adobe Presenter 7 System Requirements, please click here.

At the present time a solution is to install just PowerPoint 2007 (custom install in the default Office 2007 folder), then install Presenter 7. Both versions of PowerPoint will be fully functional. 

Will Presenter 7 be updated to support PowerPoint 2010 64 bit?
Adobe is currently investigating the development of a future update to make Presenter 7 compatible with Office 2010 64 bit.

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