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Get Protected - Information Security

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Get Protected

The Get Protected web site ( is the central point of all things related to Information Security at ASU.  Information and advice is provided for the following:

  • Phishing
  • Virus
  • Security Best Practices
  • Security Training
  • Standards and Procedures

And much more!

Please visit for all of the latest Security related topics.

Note: AntiVirus Downloads - ASU no longer offers antivirus software for download. If you are on university-owned equipment, contact your department's tech support or TAG representative. For personal computers, we recommend that you use what came with your computer if you like it, or one of the many excellent free solutions out there, such as AVG, Avast, or MS Security Essentials.

General Security Articles (Help Center)

Technical Security Articles (HelpTech)

Privacy Policy

WebAuth Security Practices

Free Anti-Virus Products

Install and Use SSLVPN

CAPTCHA is Here!

Password protect your website

Data Access Policy

Information Security Standards

Wireless Network Safety

How to Access Secure Resources

Troubleshooting SSLVPN

Data and Application Control Policy

Check VirusScan Versions

Data Integrity and Integration Policy

How to Access Secure Resources

Installing and Setting Up McAfee Agent

Get Protected - Information Security

Agent Installation for Imaged Computers

Blackboard | Copying and Moving Content

Deploy Software In McAfee e-Policy Orchestrator

How to Submit an Information Security Issue

Where to download the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Agent



Computing Security

Password Security

Google Docs & Spreadsheets for ASU FAQs

ASURITE Computing and Security Policies

Configure Windows Update

ASURITE Password Policy

Download Files from My Files (PCs)

ASURITE Services Overview

ASU 1:1 Technology Studio

WebAuth and ASU Computing Policies

Wireless Network Safety

Reset Password

Email Security

Security Training

Spoofing Email

Security Training FAQS



Perform a Security Wipe on Your Blackberry

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