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ASU Voicemail - Setting up Your Voice Mail

Last Updated:  2/10/14 2:53:49 PM 8373-8193-1837

*** Please read before setting up your mailbox ***

You will be asked to setup your mailbox the first time you access voice mail. Set-up includes changing the security code, recording your name, and recording a greeting. Your temporary security code is [111111]. Your new security code must be between 6 and 15 digits in length.

Note: Do not hang up until you are finished with mailbox setup.  System will prompt:  “Congratulations.  You have successfully completed the initial set up for this mailbox.” Additional information will be provided.  Then, “You have ____ messages”.  The system will then announce the options for using your mailbox.


Step 1. Lift the handset and dial 52000 OR . Press the Messages button on your Cisco phone (speaker is activated and you are automatically connected to voice mail) OR press Speaker then press Messages button.

Step 2
. Enter Security Code when prompted. Remember to use temporary password [111111] for the first time setup.

Accessing an Alternate Mailbox.                                                                                       
If you need to access a mailbox other than the mailbox associated with the extension you are calling from:                                            
Press  *#   as soon as the system asks you to enter your security code. The system will then ask you to enter the mailbox number and then the security code.

To access voice mail when off site (not networked to system):

Step 1. Dial (480)965-2000

Step 2. Enter your five (5) digit mailbox I.D. (extension number)               
Step 3. Enter your security code.


ASU TUI Flow PostCut.pdf

Change your security code:

Step 1. From your telephone extension, dial extension 52000 OR press the MESSAGES button (Cisco).  Enter your current security code as prompted.

Step 2. Press 4 for Phone Manager Options.

Step 3. Press 1 for personal options.

Step 4. Press 4 to change the security code.

Step 5. Enter your new security code

Step 6. To confirm, enter the new security code and # once again.

Change your Greetings:

The personal greeting menu is accessed from the Phone Manager Options menu. The menu provides you the option to record a standard personal greeting, or record an out-of-office greeting.

Step 1. From your telephone keypad, dial extension 52000 OR press the MESSAGES button (Cisco).  Enter your current security code as prompted..

Step 2. Press 4 for Phone Manager Options.

Step 3. Press the appropriate option identified below:

1. To record a standard system greeting, press 4. Start recording your greeting at the tone.  To stop recording, press any key.  To save your greeting, press #.  To quit, press the * key.  The standard greeting will become active.

2.  To record an out-of-office greeting, press 6.   Start recording your greeting at the tone.  To stop recording, press any key.  To save your greeting, press #.  To quit, press the * key.  The out of office greeting will become active when you finish recording it.   At the next log-in, you will be automatically prompted to remove it by pressing 4 or continue it by pressing 5.

Record Your Name

Step 1. From your telephone keypad, dial extension 52000 OR press the      MESSAGES button (Cisco).  Enter your security code as prompted..

Step 2. Press 4 for Phone Manager Options.                                          
Step 3. Press 1 for Personal Options

Step 4. Press 5 to record your name:                                                            
Press 2 to begin recording, then press 2 to stop recording                       
Step 5. To save – press 5                                                                              
To review – press 6                                                                                    
To discard the recording and record again – press 4                                                              

Message Status:

New: Messages that have not been reviewed and messages that have been marked as unread after review are marked.

Old: Messages that have been reviewed, either from a phone or an e-mail client are marked as Old messages.

Saved: Messages that have been reviewed and saved are marked as Saved messages.

Deleted: Messages that have been reviewed and deleted are marked as Deleted messages.

Future Delivery: Voice messages that have been composed and set to be delivered to their recipients at a future date and time are marked as Future Delivery messages. This option is available only for voice messages being sent from the phone.

Review new messages:

Step 1. Log in to voicemail.

Step 2. The UM attendant notifies you if you have new messages.

Step 3. To listen to new messages, press: 1. Then, select an option to hear:

1 Unread voice messages: press 1 

2 All voice messages: press 2

3 Saved messages: press 5

Options While Listening to a message:

Back up 5 seconds – press 1

Return to start – press 1 again

Advance 5 seconds – press 3                                                          
Advance to end of message – press 3 again                                                                          

Pause or continue – press 2

To decrease the voice speed of the message – press 4                              
To decrease to the Slowest Speed – press 4 again

To increase the voice speed of the message – press 6                                      
To increase to the Fastest Speed – press 6 again

To play message information – press 5

To go to Saved Messages – press # #

Options After Listening to a message:

Review – press 4                                                                                     
Play message information – press 5                                                                
Forward message – press 6                                                                        
Delete message – press 7                                                                         
To reply to a message – press 8                                                                    
To save a message – press 9                                                                        
To skip a message – press #                                                                     
Go to Saved Messages – press # #

Create and Send a Message

Step 1:  Log into voicemail                                                                     
Step 2:  Press 2 to send a message                                                                                  
Step 3:  Record at the tone                                                                            
To stop when message is complete – Press #                                                
To stop and replay the message – Press 1                                            
Step 4:  Enter a destination mailbox ID (5 digit extension)                        
OR   Press # to find address by spelling  recipients name                                                         
Step 5:  Press # to send the message                                                            
OR   Press 0 for Routing Options:                                                                 
Step 6:  Specify a Routing Option                                                      
Restrict message forwarding – press 1                                                          
Set urgent delivery status – press 2                                                                                 
Request a return receipt notification – press 3                                                                                       
Specify future delivery – press 4                                                          
Leave a callback number – press 8                                                             
Step 7: Press # to Finish choosing options                                                 
Step 8: Press *  to send,                                                                                
OR add another recipient and repeat steps

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